Larry M. in Haverhill says:

“I have had all our insurance with the James Page Agency since 1972. For all that time we have had a great working relationship. You call them once with a change or a problem and they take care of it. Because they represent many companies, they can make sure you have the best insurance for you at a good price. As a business owner, I don’t have time to spend researching companies and policies. I simply call on them. They want you to be fully informed so you can make the best decisions.”
— Larry M., Haverhill, MA
Owner, Local photography business

John S. in Haverhill says:

“What I appreciate about Page insurance is that Chuck and Jim take the time to understand your business operations plan so they can make the best recommendations. This lets them tailor your program to support your operating plan. Whether it is Worker Comp or liability or property coverage, they are going to find the right balance of protection and cost. As a non-profit we have to be very conscious of these things. I also appreciate how they keep calling to nudge me into taking care of what I need to deal with when it comes to our insurance. We had property damage during the awful winter of 2015. They were very helpful with the whole claims process, staying on top of everything and making sure I did my part in a timely manner.”
–John S., Haverhill, MA
CEO, senior residential care facility

Tim D. in Haverhill says:

“You could say that I inherited the Page Insurance Agency when I bought one of my buildings about six years ago. They do such a good job of balancing price and service that I moved more of my properties to them. Business insurance is very complex and very expensive these days. With lawsuits, you have to be very vigilant about how you’re covered. While you want to save money where you can, you must maintain the protection you need. I can count on Jim and Chuck to answer my questions and provide advice whenever I have decisions to make that may impact my insurance costs.”
— Tim D., Haverhill, MA
Owner, commercial and residential property management

Dave P. in Hampton says:

“We’ve had all our personal and business insurance with the Page Agency for over 55 years. They have always taken a sincere interest in our needs and have been very thorough in securing the right coverage for us. We haven’t had many claims in all those years. But last spring a car went off the road and demolished our office and some other structures. The agency did a great job of helping us get through the claims process. There were just a lot of details they helped with. They did a really outstanding job for us.”
— Dave P., Hampton, NH
Owner, manufactured housing communities

Mike D. in Newburyport says:

“We’re a second-generation business and a second-generation JPI customer. As a family business, the agency understands businesses like ours. Their office is friendly, and I like that they always call to remind me about things I need to take care of with our insurance. I trust them to stay on top of our coverage.”

— Mike D, Newburyport
Owner, landscaping business

Charlie C. in Haverhill says:

“We’ve been insured through JPI for 20+ years. Staff members like Dawn as well as the owners have always been extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. They want us to understand the details of your coverage, which can be very complex. They provide helpful options, recommendations and suggestions. As a not-for-profit long-term healthcare facility, we’re always concerned about incidents. Whenever they’ve occurred, JPI reviews the situation right away to help us establish the facts. Their experience with not-for-profits  is extremely valuable. They’re partners.”

— Charlie C., Haverhill
CFO, Long Term Care Facility

David S. in Haverhill says:

I’ve known Chuck and Jim Traver for several years as members of the Haverhill Rotary Club. You can see their dedication to Haverhill in the number of volunteer and non-profit organizations with which they’re associated. When the opportunity arose to review my insurance, I didn’t hesitate to contact James Page Insurance for their input and recommendations, and I’ve since placed my personal and business coverage with their agency.

David S., Haverhill, MA
Local Business Owner