Having an accident or reporting damage to your property or business can be an extremely upsetting and stressful experience. Here at James Page Insurance, we are ready to assist you in reporting, monitoring, and assuring that your claim is handled expertly, promptly, fairly, and to your satisfaction.

To report a claim, simply call our office during business hours, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. An agency representative will be happy to help you with the information you need to complete the claims process, like policy numbers.

If your claim is an emergency and you’d like to report it directly to the insurance company, the following is a list of companies with 24 hour claims service. Clicking on the company name will bring you directly to the claims section of that company’s website. We ask that you contact our office as well so that we can monitor the processing of your claim.

Company Contact Information
Andover Companies (800) 225-0770
The Concord Group (800) 888-6050
MAPFRE (Commerce Insurance) MA: (800) 221-1605
NH: (800) 513-4813:
MiddleOak (800) 225-2533
Norfolk & Dedham (800) 688-1825
Philadelphia onlineclaims@phlyins.com
Plymouth Rock (888) 324-1620
Travelers Personal: (800) 252-4633
Commercial: (800) 238-6225
Vermont Mutual (800) 435-0397

Common Questions after an Auto Accident:

  • Common Questions about Auto Accidents
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  • 1. I've never filed an automobile accident claim before. How does the process work?

    Your insurance company will assign an adjuster to inspect your vehicle and determine the amount of damage. If the vehicle is not a total loss, you will receive a check in the mail (minus any deductible) to repair your car. Sometimes, the adjuster cannot determine the full extent of damage to your car during their initial review. In such cases, the adjuster will visit the repair facility and conduct a further review of the damage. If the adjuster determines that there is additional damage, a supplemental check will most likely be issued to you.


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  • 2. My car has been declared a total loss. How is that determination made?

    Typically, insurance companies declare a vehicle a "total loss" when the cost to repair the vehicle is greater than its actual worth. In general, when the cost to repair a car is 75% of its value or greater, most insurance companies will decide to total the vehicle.

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  • 3. How do I know how much my totaled car is worth?

    Insurance companies will generally obtain three separate valuations of cars similar to yours and then offer you an average of those three values. The values are typically obtained from an online service such as www.nada.com, etc., or a car dealer. You should obtain your own estimates from multiple sources before accepting your insurance company's offer. This will help you determine the fairness of their offer.


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  • 4. I can't replace my car for the offer that the insurance company is making. What should I do?

    The insurance company will not pay for the replacement cost value of the vehicle. They will pay the depreciated or actual cash value of the car. If you are dissatisfied with the settlement offered by the insurance company, please call our office for guidance.


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  • 5. I need to rent a car due to an accident or other covered loss. What should I do?

    If you've purchased car rental insurance, also called "substitute transportation," your policy will pay the daily rate, subject to the daily and maximum limit you have selected on your policy, while your car is being repaired. In the case of a total loss, the payment for car rental will expire after you accept the offer on your vehicle. If you didn't purchase car rental insurance and you are not at fault in the accident, we can assist you in making a claim against the other vehicle's insurance company. Often, the other insurance company will accept a direct billing from the rental company to pay for the car. Be aware that your rental insurance will not pay for any optional car rental coverages. Collision damage waiver is a common example of an optional coverage.


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  • 6. Prior to my accident, I spent a great deal of money repairing my car. Can't those costs be added to the value of the car?

    Most work performed on a car is considered standard maintenance and won’t add to the car’s value. For example, brake repairs, tune ups, oil changes, and transmission repairs are considered normal maintenance and will not add to the car’s valuation. However, if you have purchased new tires, you can send the adjuster the invoices from those purchases and they should calculate those items as an addition to the total loss offer. Total loss offers should also include an additional amount for the sales tax – currently 6.25% in Massachusetts.

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