If you have made any of the following changes since we last did an insurance review, please contact us immediately. They may impact your coverages.

  1. JPI-springnewsletterHave you done any major external or internal home improvements? Did you remodel your kitchen? Finish your basement? Add a garage, deck or sunroom? Do you h
    ave plans to do any of these renovations this year? Please let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments to your policy.
  2. Have you added a swimming pool? You should consider increasing your liability coverage for potential accidents related to the pool.
  3. Did you add or upgrade an alarm system for your home? Alarm systems can earn you discounts on your premium.
  4. Did you purchase or inherit any expensive jewelry, antiques or artwork? There is limited coverage for these items. Especially valuable items should be scheduled on your homeowner policy.
  5. Did you start a home-based business? Again, the standard Homeowners policy may not provide the coverage you need for inventory or equipment.
  6. Did you pay off your mortgage or change lenders? We need to have correct information on file to facilitate claims.